Cycling in Valencia


Valencia Mediterranean is a multi-stage route that runs between the sea and the mountains crossing the magnificent Natural Parks Sierra Calderona and Sierra de Espadán.

You will visit sites declared Heritage of Cultural Interest as well as incredible spots such as El Salto de la Novia and Jérica, the hidden jewel, in Mudéjar style. You will discover wonderful cork oaks forests´ and navigate through Europe`s longest underground navigable river.
You will visit the Roman Sagunto town and surrender to the beauty of the
Albufera Natural Park in Valencia.


“Ojos Negros (black eyes) – Spain´s longest greenway. Discover in a single trip three important provinces of Spain: Teruel, Castellón and Valencia.
This bike tour takes you to Teruel where you will appreciate its architecture declared World Heritage by UNESCO. You will cross incredible and changing landscape from Teruel´s boundless plains to the mythical mountain Sierra de Javalambre.

You will enjoy Palancia river, the most important of Castellón, and the spectacular Natural Parks Sierra Espadán and Sierra Calderona. In Valencia you will be conquered by the Mediterranean Sea and the magnificent”
“lagoon Albufera Natural Park.”

La Calderona

The ideal cycling area

Located next to Valencia with all the ingredients for a perfect challenge

The roads

Perfect roads. Calderona is a nature park and therefore well maintained

The climbs

Suitable for every level, not high mountains but short climbs.


It almost never rains here. It is sometimes hot but then you start a little earlier


After cycling there are a many places to visit.

They came before you

“As a Spaniard I would like to invite you to cycle and enjoy my Calderona “


“I have been able to cycle many beautiful places in my life, Calderona is one of my favorites ..”

Steven Rooks

“ Special, enjoy perfect, quiet roads through a beautiful landscape.”

Lianne Bogers

Some interesting climbs

Selected for you

El Pico del Áquila

This is the beginning, just outside Náquera this climb starts with a  vicious climb. After this you are at least warmed up.

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La Frontera

This is the second climb and also has breathtaking views. You hardly meet anyone here.

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Garbi por Segart

Finally the real work begins with even a section above 23%! Of course you can also ride El Garbi via the easy side.

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